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Contact Information: Carolyn Weins     

The contrast of light and shadow often grabs my attention, but it is the variety of textures
and colors found in nature that continues to inspire me. I am most interested in capturing
the moods and beauty I find in the quiet, everyday places of my life.

I work primarily in pastels which are very versatile and allow for drawing techniques and
flat, brush-like strokes. I begin by loosely establishing the overall composition with large
abstract shapes and then apply layers of pastel as I develop color, value and texture.

I received a B.A. in art from Eastern Michigan University. I have participated in art fairs
since 2003 and continue to do three a year. I have received several awards, including
having one of my pastels as the featured art for promotional items and advertising for
the 2004 State Street Art Fair, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I am a member of the Great Lakes Pastel Society, The Michigan Guild, Ann Arbor
Women Artists, Chelsea Painters and Ann Arbor Pastelists.

Carolyn Weins
Carolyn Weins
Pastel Artist

About the Artist and Her Work